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Book of Acts : The Church is Born

  • The Acts of Jesus and the Holy Spirit 

  • See, How They Love One Another

  • Healing of a Lame Man

  • As the Church Continues to Grow...

  • 4 Signs of Authentic Christianity

  • The Love that Change Me

Jesus as Lamb.jpg

Chris in the Old Testament

  • Jesus, the Lamb of God

  • Look and Live!

  • Not just a savior but the Eternal King

  • Changing from the Inside out

  • … but God

7 signs in John's Gospel1.jpg

Gospel of John :
7 signs in John's Gospel


  • The First Sign: The Change has Begun


  • What is your Bethesda?

  • Jesus Christ, Sent by God

Experience God 2023 Fall-homep.jpg

Experiencing God

  • Come and See, Go and Tell!

  • GOD Speaks!

  • Are You Listening?

  • Got Hopes?

  • Can you see my Faith?

  • Living in the Truth

  • A Life of Experiencing God, Once More


The Gospel of Luke : Jesus among the marginalized

  • Gospel for the Marginalized

  • Without conviction, there can be no conversion

  • The suffering must come first, then the glory

  • The miracle that happens when Jesus is more than enough

  • Lucky Are the Unlucky

  • Where is Your Faith?

  • Those Who Truly Believe will Follow Chris

  • He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose

  • How much more do you and I need to pray!

1 John - Love one Another.jpg

1 John :
Let's love one another

  • How close are you to Jesus?

  • What would keep us from sinning?

  • How does a Christian full of grace view the world

  • Whoever Takes the Son Gets it All

  • Growing in Grace

  • Let Love Lead

  • We Love because He First Loved You

  • It's All of Christ. It is all of Grace.

  • The Christian is the one who is believing

  • Walking in Truth and love

  • The Crossroads Between Hospitality and Coldness

  • The Christian is the one who is believing


GENESIS : the Gospel in Genesis

  • 지체하지 않으시는 하나님

  • 죄는 사람이 만든 것으로 가릴 수 있는 것이 아닙니다

  • 저주의 진을 파할 수 있는 능력은 오직 예수님의 십자가뿐입니다

  • 회개하면 주님은 우리를 한 번 더 긍휼히 여기실 것입니다

  • 누구와 가는지는 분명히 아는 삶! 복된 삶!

  • 어떻게 우리들의 믿음을 보여줄 수 있겠습니까?

  • 나의 방패, 나의 크신 상급, 나의 하나님

  • 샘은 가까운 곳에 있다

  • 나는 하나님을 신뢰합니다

  • 주님이 내 안에 계심이 다투지 않음으로 나타납니다

  • 나는 너의 하나님이라

  • 내가 가는 길에서 나와 함께 하신 하나님

  • 기적 같은 삶 살게 되는 기적


ROMANS : Jesus Christ is the Power of God to Salvation

  • 십자가, 모든 믿는 자를 구원하시는 하나님의 능력

  • 우리 모두 복음이 필요합니다

  • 판단하는 죄가 더 악합니다

  • 세례: 예수님과 함께 죽고 함께 사는 나

  • 신앙생활의 기준은 열심이 아니라 사랑입니다

  • ​죄인을 위한 것

  • ​그러나 이제는 진노 아래에서 은혜 아래로

  • 믿음을 통하여 의롭다 하시는 하나님

  • 삶 속에 나타나는 십자가 복음의 능력

  • 아담이 전가시킨 죄성; 그리스도께서 전가시킨 의

  • 순종 위에 부어 주시는 하나님의 은혜가 있습니다

  • 나는 하나님의 사랑받는 자녀입니다

  • 시험에 무너질 때 나를 건져 주신 예수님을 바라보라!

  • 놀라운 성령의 사람이 되어야 합니다.


Restoration is coming

  • God files for divorce

  • Jeremiah Has Found None But We Have

  • Boast in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ

  • The key is Obedience not Success

  • Changing from inside out

  • Is Christ Your Lord?

Walking with Jesus ENG3.jpg

Walking with Jesus

  • Yes, In Christ People Do Change

  • Love One Another

  • Our Greatest joy is from Christ, not from performance.

  • The Peace that Makes People Wonder

  • Patience: Wait for the Lord who is perfect and never late

  • Kindness: Put Down the Stones at my hand

  • Believing in Jesus Makes People Good

  • Everyday Faithfulness to the End

  • Meekness is following the command of Christ

  • Self-Control: My Kingdom Done!

Exodus ENG for web list.jpg


  • We say 'No'... God says 'Yes!'

  • Christ our Passover Lamb

  • Believers are Overcomers

  • My God Can Do Anything

  • To Worship is to Enjoy God

Following the King of Kings-Matthew.jpg

Following the King of Kings

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is a Treasure

  • It is to Christ, that we must flee

  • Spiritual Warfare: God wants you to Win

  • No reserves, no retreats, no regrets

  • Just Because God Has Said So

  • Our job is to make the invisible God visible

  • The Gospel That Would Make You Love Your Enemies

  • Love the Praise of God more than the Praise of Men

  • What God wants is not your performance but your heart

  • Two Gates, Two Ways, and Two Destinies

  • Profession will ultimately be tested before God

  • ..

  • The Great Commission

Ephesians_ the DNA of the Church Poster2

The DNA of the Church

  • Sin Makes Us Poor but Grace Makes Us Rich

  • What you know about God shapes your understanding about your life

  • We Were Dead…But God

  • Where Christ is There is Peace

  • When You are Tired of Trying

  • Church is a Living Organism

  • Take Off The Graveclothes

  • A Christian is not sinless, but he does sin less -and less- and less!

  • Are You Living A Spirit Filled Life?


  • We do not fight for victory; we fight from victory

How to listen to God.JPG


  • 2019 Fall Sermon Series

  • How to Listen to God 1,2,3

  • Finding God's Will for Your Life

5 The Judges.JPG


  • Introduction

  • Broken Heroes Pointing to the True Hero

  • An Unlikely Deliverer

  • Deborah-God's Victories

  • Gideon Our Weakness; God Strength Part 1

  • Gideon Our Weakness; God Strength Part 2

  • Abimelech False King / True King

  • Jephthat Vow of Death / Vow of Life

  • Samson A God Who saves

  • The End of Judges

4 What's so amazing about Grace.JPG


  • The Cross in the New Testament 
    “Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.”

  • The Cross in the Book of Revelation

  • Because Jesus has Power over death, he has power over your sin and power to change your life

3 The Truth - John.JPG


  • Meet Jesus: God in Human Flesh!

  • Do not Deny, Do not Rationalize, 
    But Confess Your Sin

  • When you love the unloving, you get a glimpse of what God does for you

  • Some things are not worth loving

  • What will happen when both a sheep and a pig fall into a mud hole?

  • Love Like Christ

  • Genuine work of God is work of love

  • Exercise Your Faith

  • You can not reach the north 
    by traveling west

  • Learning by Examples

2 Messianic Psalms.JPG


  • Psalm 10 - Born to be Near to us

  • Psalm 2 - Born to be Anointed

  • Psalm 41 - Born to Be Betrayed

  • Psalm 22 - Born to be Forsaken

  • Psalm 24 - Born to be the King

1 King David 2018-10-14.JPG


  • See what others don’t and refuse to see what others do

  • God counters the cruelty of sinners with the loyalty of Jesus

  • You will never know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have

  • Looking for an Enemy to Love

  • In Suffering There is Recovery

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