Following the King of Kings

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is a Treasure

  • It is to Christ, that we must flee

  • Spiritual Warfare: God wants you to Win

  • No reserves, no retreats, no regrets

  • Just Because God Has Said So

  • Our job is to make the invisible God visible

  • The Gospel That Would Make You Love Your Enemies

  • Love the Praise of God more than the Praise of Men

  • What God wants is not your performance but your heart

  • Two Gates, Two Ways, and Two Destinies

  • Profession will ultimately be tested before God

The DNA of the Church

  • Sin Makes Us Poor but Grace Makes Us Rich

  • What you know about God shapes your understanding about your life

  • We Were Dead…But God

  • Where Christ is There is Peace

  • When You are Tired of Trying

  • Church is a Living Organism

  • Take Off The Graveclothes

  • A Christian is not sinless, but he does sin less -and less- and less!

  • Are You Living A Spirit Filled Life?


  • We do not fight for victory; we fight from victory


  • 2019 Fall Sermon Series

  • How to Listen to God 1,2,3

  • Finding God's Will for Your Life


  • Introduction

  • Broken Heroes Pointing to the True Hero

  • An Unlikely Deliverer

  • Deborah-God's Victories

  • Gideon Our Weakness; God Strength Part 1

  • Gideon Our Weakness; God Strength Part 2

  • Abimelech False King / True King

  • Jephthat Vow of Death / Vow of Life

  • Samson A God Who saves

  • The End of Judges 


  • The Cross in the New Testament 
    “Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.”

  • The Cross in the Book of Revelation

  • Because Jesus has Power over death, he has power over your sin and power to change your life


  • Meet Jesus: God in Human Flesh!

  • Do not Deny, Do not Rationalize, 
    But Confess Your Sin

  • When you love the unloving, you get a glimpse of what God does for you

  • Some things are not worth loving

  • What will happen when both a sheep and a pig fall into a mud hole?

  • Love Like Christ

  • Genuine work of God is work of love

  • Exercise Your Faith

  • You can not reach the north 
    by traveling west

  • Learning by Examples


  • Psalm 10 - Born to be Near to us

  • Psalm 2 - Born to be Anointed

  • Psalm 41 - Born to Be Betrayed

  • Psalm 22 - Born to be Forsaken

  • Psalm 24 - Born to be the King 


  • See what others don’t and refuse to see what others do

  • God counters the cruelty of sinners with the loyalty of Jesus

  • You will never know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have

  • Looking for an Enemy to Love

  • In Suffering There is Recovery

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